Hi! I’m

Carly Childs

Carly Childs is the Founder and Principal Designer at Carly Childs Design. Her boutique firm specializes in residential interiors with a focus on styling. She is a visionary with a creative eye. Relentless, detail oriented and not afraid to step outside of her comfort zone. She’s always up for a challenge and see everything as an opportunity.

Her background in fine arts, branding and model home interior design gives her a unique perspective. Carly has years of experience as both a virtual interior designer and an in home design consultant – so she can be flexible to meet your needs. Throughout all engagements, Carly prides herself on her ability to truly listen to her clients and translate their desires into beautiful realities.

If you’re interested in a free 15-minute initial consult, send her an email- carlyannchildsdesign@gmail.com.